Erasing Bad Memories

So I have to say, TODAY IS MY DAY! Indeed! Haven’t yet drink my cup of coffee to kick-start my Friday and yet there’s some situation occur that can’t be avoided. Darn! My whole day was as dark as the sky. So help God!

Anyway, talking about those dark days of our lives this episode of Korean variety show (check link below) totally strike me. Actually this episode will apply to all of us so I hope you can spare an hour to watch this. It’ll give you probably goosebumps like me. (Chus!)

Infinity Challenge Ep. 469

Here’s the question: Is there any memories you would like to forget?

Answer: Yes. No.  Yes because it’s too painful or embarrassing to remember and no because I want it remain with me for the rest of my life.

Erasing bad memories, the tittle of the episode where the members seen some counsel to talk about what memories they wanted to forget and the weights they feel on their shoulders being on the show or just being who they are in private and public life.

It made me realized that even though how far you’ve gone to your career path and your standing in the society, we’re all the same in facing difficulties of our life. There’s no rich and poor when it comes to the burdens we feel in our lives. We feel left alone. We feel not contended with the life we have. We feel unloved. We feel like what we did is not enough for ourselves and the people around us. We think a lot on who will be there around us when we need someone to lean on. We feel shit and it makes us go crazy thinking about it. Sometimes we blame ourselves that lead us deeper in the wrong way of life. In some ways just to relieve ourselves from those pain we tend to think of getting drunk or worst ending our life. It’s disturbing fact our society face day by day.

Literally we can’t erase bad memories in our life but we can make this scars to cope up with our life on moving on and be with ourselves again stronger as before. As one of the guest counsel have said, We need to be able to protect ourselves from ourselves. In order to be strong, we need to build ourselves. The person who criticizes you and encourage you, should be you. You should have time to look at yourself. Look deeper and discover what you want. Fill yourself up with precious thoughts.”

Life is full of uncertainty. There are times that the people you care and trust will turn their back on you. It’s painful to think that we are forgotten but I guess we need to accept this reality of life. True with the saying, “People come. People go.” We even fear about something that isn’t happening yet. That just some of the fact that weights on our shoulder. I for one never cease to think what the future will bring then I realized that I shouldn’t think more about it. Sometimes it’s easy to say ‘enjoy life as it is now and think about tomorrow when it comes’ but it’s so hard to act on it. It’s the same with the memories each of us pocketed in good and bad side of our life. Remember the good ones while forget and learn from the bad ones. It’s so easy to write it here though but honestly it’s so hard for me to do it. Because from those memories good or bad it was me. Me as a normal person who made a mistake. Me who’ve enjoy my freedom. Me, who thought a lot of the future of my family. And me who keep smiling even if I’m hurting. Those memories bring me to what I am today. Wise. Independent. Strong. I guess I will never erase those memories but instead heal from it.

We should not limit ourselves but go beyond it. Treasure each memories you’re making even if its good or bad because time is something you can’t never bring back. So as what the guest counsel have said, “make the end of your day happier. Create and enjoy the smaller joys in life.” And above all, live your life as if it’s your last.


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