Journey to Plastic Free Life

Its time to act for the environment and my journey to plastic free life commence.

Happy New Year earthlings!!!

Another year to look forward to and I’m so excited for this year. I have this self project which I called ‘Journey to Plastic Free Life’. Yes I’m going to walk the talk of doing the reduce, reuse and recycle principle. I know it will be very challenging but if I wanted to advocate for the environment I need to start on myself. I’ve realized that there’s no point in reminding people about what we need to do for the environment if I don’t even act on it. Right?

I’m very concern of plastic pollution. For twenty-seven years of my life, I did what everyone does. Throwing of plastic and other stuff to its specified garbage bin, biodegradable and non biodegradable. Then what? I did realized that our thinking stop after we throw our trash on the garbage bin. Yes we did put it on biodegradable and non biodegradable bins which all end up on the landfill mixed together. Plastics are everywhere. There are people who doesn’t give a damn on throwing plastics anywhere and this plastics also end up in the ocean polluting it and being eaten by the fishes that we also eat. Plastic pollution is very present in every community and people need to be educated seriously in handling those plastics.

Part of this journey, I will start collecting my non recyclable stuff. I’ll segregate my plastic to recycle and non-recyclable. I’m thinking of projects for those non-recyclable like make it into pillow, bags, pouches or even accessories. I will bring those recyclable plastic whenever I go to the market. Yes I’ll be having my goods brought from the local market instead from a mall supermarket where too much packaging is present.

Since it’s a self project, I also opt to buy products with not much plastic involve and shift to homemade items for personal use such as shampoo and deodorant whose packaging are plastic. I’ve been researching on how to make it, some were simple and some were complicated. It will be time-consuming but I’ll get use to it as time goes by. There are lot of things in the kitchen also that can substitute beauty products like body and facial scrub, used coffee grounds and tea bags for one its effective. Imagine how we spend too much on beauty products when there are cheaper and most effective we can find in the kitchen. If only people know what they really needed then it will not cost them much from those unneccessary stuff.

There are things that I will probably give up for this journey and things to consider but for the environment I’ll sacrifice it. It will be a slow process but it will have a big impact to the environment. I want to inspire others also with this small step. It’s a simple act and if everyone will do it, it we’ll somehow lessen plastic pollution.

Let’s move earthlings!


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