Mt. Loboc & Nasadjan Falls: Heart Day Special

Nothing special to do on a Valentines Day but got a date with Mother Nature with friends. Ahuh! Nothing beat this kind of date. Just saying from a single view-point. Haha! Anyway, since being in outdoor is a big part of our life we set this day for this special event.


Morning bliss!

Mount Loboc is located in Igbaras Iloilo a few hours from the city. We meet up around five in the morning and took San Joaquin jeepney route and drop off at Igbaras crossing. From the crossing we’re supposed to ride a motorcycle going to Igbaras downtown luckily there’s Igbaras jeepney passed by as we get off from the jeepney we rode from the city. It took us another fifteen minutes to reached the town of Igbaras. The scenery during the jeepney ride was magnificent as we witness the sun slowly showing up. What a morning bliss is that! We went straight to local police station to register. It’s a mandatory for every visitor to register whenever they climb a mountain so the local police can be aware of certain people conducting such activity in their place and for safety purposes as well for the climbers. From the station, we rode motorcycle to hydro plant. We supposed to walk from there to the house of our local guide but the motorcycle drivers whom our guide contacted to fetch us from the police station said that we rode the motorcycle up to the area where we start our ascent. Thinking about the long trek going to our local guide house, we agree to their suggestion and we asked permission from the hydro plant if we could used the road they established going up to the designated area where we’re going to meet our guide. They’re kind enough to let us in and we took the road off to the mountain. Okay. Honestly. I hate riding motorcycles because  I’ve got previous history of burn on my calves when I rode one a long time ago plus the uphill road. I’ve used all my strength on gripping so hard so I won’t fall. It was a crazy ride!

We waited a few minutes for our guide then when he arrived, we started our ascent. The wind was blowing so hard and there were areas where we have to stop and lower our body a bit for the wind not take us. Glad we had strong legs to fight the madness blowing of the wind. It took us an hour to reached the summit. Damn view! We took a lot of photos and crazy conversation thanks to Annie for the laughs. Even thought the wind was blowing so hard, we thank Mother Nature for it because we don’t feel how hot it was on the top considering the time of the day. Its cold. The view is amazing. The experience is great and a new friendship was form.

After some time in the summit, we decided to start our decent since we have still one place to go. It was easier this time going down since the wind is not blowing so hard compared when we have our ascent. That’s when we feel the hot weather and no stopping going down. We reached our jump-off point half an hour after. Since there was no motorcycle waiting for us we started our trek going down using again the road the hydro plant established. I was saddened by what they’ve established there. By making a road on mountain sacrifices the life of the trees been growing for how many years already. Sight! I don’t know why they were allowed to do such activity there and ruined part of the mountain. This is a big problem with our system nowadays that can’t be solved by any elected president because they to where involve. Shame!

Anyway, as we walked down we meet locals employed by hydro plant and let us rode the truck they’re using when carrying equipment to the mountains. We don’t know yet what we’re going to experience when we rode that truck so we off and we settled ourselves at the back of the truck. When the truck started to move, we realized its a wrong move. Definitely a wrong move riding it. When riding a motorcycle going up is crazy, riding the truck going down scare us to death! I mean, MY GOD! I can’t explain it. It’s rough that with a wrong move from the driver, we’re all dead meat! I was gripping tightly at the side of the truck and thinking where to jump in case it all went wrong. I think it was the longest ride of my life that I can only count the times I breath. HAHA! Darn ride! We are all lucky to reached our destination whole and safe. We get off from the truck with a shaking legs and heart that beating so fast. LOL!  We thank the driver and we so appreciate his driving skills on that kind of road. Tsk! That’s definitely a hell of a ride.


The moment we hold on to dare life. What a ride!

With our shaking legs, we continue our special day adventure going to Nasadjan falls a few minutes away. We have a short river trekking going to the heart of the waterfalls. Nasadjan falls is always visited by a lot of locals and visitors. What saddened us is that pieces of plastics can be seen wherever you look. How could such person do something unearthly to this beauty? I mean, we were thought how to manage our garbage since we were young but how come we can’t take back our garbage and throw it properly to a waste bin? It’s a concerning problem we have to address and get serious with before it gets out of control. Before we enjoy the waterfalls, we had a clean-up drive in the area. It breaks my heart. Always. We gathered all the plastics we collected in one area and according to our guide the garbage will be collected by local official to be dumped on dumpsites. I hope people will realized how important it is to be mindful of the all the plastic we are consuming or throwing before it pollutes the Earth.

We release muscle tension and disappointment from irresponsible visitors in a crystal clear and so cold water.  Wooh! Great! Its my first time in Nasadjan Falls after a lot of activities I’ve attended in the area. Finally, I’ve made it and enjoyed myself. The problem of not a good swimmer is to stay close at the side. I will definitely learn how to swim one day. I don’t know how long we stayed on the water but when we feel our body is shaking from too much cold we decided to call it a day. We change our clothes and started our trek back to the bridge near the hydro plant and wait for our ride. It was just around two in the afternoon and we reached the city with the sun still up.

Indeed it was a great and special day spent with Mother Nature with friends. It was a memorable day with the four of us including our guide.  It was a successful date and for that we only spent five hundred bucks each. Huh! But money can’t measure the experience we had and the memories we’ll be keep for the rest of our life. Until our next adventure abyan!

credit to my friends for the photos 🙂


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