MOANA’s Message


I don’t spend a lot of time watching movies. I prefer to read stuff but since I don’t have books to read while I’m on vacation at home I opt to watch movies on television.

I love cartoons especially Disney movies so with Moana being shown on cable channel I watched it till the end. I’ve seen the trailer and read some of the viewers reaction to this movies afterwards. How Disney put up another great movie with fascinating animation and so on and so forth. Even Filipinos are arguing that it portrays the life of our ancestors which some people corrected that it’s not.

Whenever I watched movies, I want to go deeper. I mean, I want to know the hidden message of the movies not just the culture it portrays and the animation being applied to have a great movie or the story but the meaning or the message it relays to its viewers.

Yes, Moana is about a certain tribe living in an island where their ancestor brought them to stay and put up a village for the tribe. The character of Maui portrays a greedy human who’s not contended of the abundance the nature provided him and his tribe. To reality it describe us human who keep wanting more from the environment, squeezing it too much because of our greed to have more money and power to control what we think we can. We continue to destroy our planet by building concrete jungle, polluting it with dirty source of energy and producing too much plastic packaging which we continue to patronize. We don’t even know how to be responsible of our action and beacuse of this the future generation will suffer. They don’t have clean air to breath because we invest in pollution and faces different catastrophe from unpredictable weather because of global warming.

Now Moana, the young lady who will rule the tribe when her time come is in the mission to protect her tribe from the curse that her ancestor Maui had cause them to suffer from not having enough fish to catch from the ocean and bad harvest of their crops. She sailed the ocean and promised to return with success. And she did! But how about us? Will we succeed with our fight against climate change? Against our leaders who give no support to take action on the crisis our Earth is facing? Will we be able to give our future generation what we have a long time ago before it was exploited and destroyed? I hope we will. I hope we have the determination of Moana to continue fighting the odds for our home. It’s not easy and there will be a lot of bumpy roads even life is being sacrifice.

Its our responsibility to protect our planet just like Moana did to her tribe. This is the only place we live and we have to remember that there’s no another Earth out there. If we don’t act now, we’ll never get the chance to give our children a better place to live in.

Kudos to Disney for this movie. I was moved and I so loved the story and  the message it relays.



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