Eco-brick Project

I’ve started my plastic free life journey this year and since it can’t be avoided to have plastic in our day-to-day living because most of the stuff were packed on plastics I’ve collected all my plastics. I’ve been thinking of projects that I could make with all the plastic I’ve collected then this eco-brick project form Plastic Solution grab my interest.

The eco-brick project aims to lessen plastic pollution and turning those plastic into useful stuff. The stuffing of plastic tightly in any empty plastic bottles can be use for any low-cost project. Everyone can participate on this project and by participating on this project you don’t need to buy more plastic. You can use those plastic bottles that other people going to throw away. This aim to make useful of the plastic you’ve got by purchasing items in a store for your daily use.


These bottle I used came from my housemates that they don’t need anymore. So instead of landing in the garbage I collected it, clean it up and let it dry before I stuff all the plastic I collected from January. It’s still a lot of plastic after all my effort to keep tract  and lessen my plastic consumption.

I’ve establish myself on my plastic project and I want to expand it by having my housemate do it as well but the thing is they don’t have the kind of drive I’ve got to at least lessen plastic pollution. I’ve been thinking of better way to help my housemate be responsible on the plastic they’ve consume or bought. I’ll just pray that it will knock a sense on them and so with other people to be conscious of throwing plastic without thinking of the effect it contributes to the environment.

We wanted change. We wanted a clean community. But how could be do it if we continue polluting our environment. I guess with this project we can at least lessen the pollution, making us responsible of our plastic, keep the community clean and give our future generation a safer and better place to dwell and live on. We can make a difference with this simple action and make a big impact if each of us participate in any activities to save Mother Earth to the best that we can.


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