Relationship Status: SINGLE

Life gets tough for a girl like me reaching its thirty without a serious relationship. Eek! Sometimes, thinking about turning thirty in few more years is terrifying but that was before. So what if I’ll turn thirty? So what if I’m still single at that time? It’s not a crime to be single at thirty. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that some people I know keep reminder me to find my own partner just because they got partner they called boyfriend or husband or fiancée. But you know what? I’m more happy to be single. Yes I get envious and sometimes jealous of my friends having relationship but I never felt lonely or alone because I have myself and friends who are single too. HAHA! When you depend in yourself for so long you aint looking for someone you can depend on especially men. And with today’s society some men cannot to be trusted. Cheating is around the corner married or not. Its only rare for a couple to last long in marriage even though how much they loved each other. See, that’s how I prefer to be single.

There are also other people who are trying to find a relationship because they feel lonely and pressured? No way in hell I’m doing it. Why? Because I’m happy with myself. And with my lifestyle, I can’t squeez men in my life for a relationship. Charoot! 😛

I still do believe in forever but I know it won’t happen in a blink of an eye and it will not come so easily. So, I rather stay single and mingle. Travel and enjoy what I currently doing with my life because I’m positive enough to know that love will come and hit me someday but for now I’ll continue to seek adventures that gives me happiness, peace and contentment in life.

Do not look for love because love will find its way to you. And to caps it all, I strongly believe that women can live without men in their life but men can’t live with out woman. Right girls? (wink)



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